HIV Testing (Nonclinical Settings)

Services aimed at strengthening the effectiveness to implement high impact HIV testing in nonclinical settings. Technical assistance services are available on:

  • Public Health Strategies

    • Targeted HIV testing in nonclinical settings.

    • Testing Together

    • HIV testing in retail pharmacies

    • Personalized Cognitive Counseling (PCC)

    • Social Network Strategy (SNS)

  • At-Home HIV testing

  • Recruitment for HIV testing

  • Coupon Incentive-Distribution Engagement Strategy (CIDES).

  • Integration of HIV testing with screen. for STDs, HBV, HCV, TB.

  • Integration of HIV testing with other nonclinical programs, services.

  • Performance of HIV test programs based on nonclinical settings.

  • HIV test technology for nonclinical settings

  • Leveraging existing third-party billing systems for reimbursement of eligible costs for HIV testing in nonclinical settings

  • Strategies for repeat testers in nonclinical settings

  • Referrals to PrEP, nPEP; STD, Hepatitis, TB screening; other prevention support services

  • Referrals for HIV medical care for persons diagnosed with HIV